Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today in Frivolity: Movie News

  • So the hot guy who played the twins in The Social Network (two for the price of one), Armie Hammer, is going to play the prince in this new Snow White film. You know, the one Julia Roberts is going to rock in as the bitch queen.
    I think casting Armie Hammer was a great idea; even if the movie sucks, viewers will have something pretty to look at.
    Anyway, this rumor about Kristen Stewart playing Snow White is persistent as hell. If she takes this role, she will have no right to complain about her celebrity status ever again. You don't sign on to star in a blockbuster fantasy film TWICE without knowing what you're getting into.

  • So according to, Angelina Jolie is definitely going to play Cleopatra in the remake. I love Angelina Jolie. I have big love for her. She's talented, she's hot, she seems nice enough. And I'm sure she's going to kill it as Cleopatra. But couldn't they have looked for an actress with a little more melanin? Cleopatra was mixed, right? I would have loved to see Paula Patton play the Egyptian queen. It's not like roles are thrown at ethnic looking actresses.
    Oh well.

  • Amy Adams will play Lois Lane in the Superman remake. Were you guys expecting that? I wasn't. Me likey. When I think Lois Lane, I see Rachel McAdams. But Amy Adams is a fantastic actress so yay!

  • So guess what? After Christopher Nolan's third and final installment of his Batman films,"The Dark Knight Rises", is released in theaters, Warner Brother's is going to "reboot the franchise".
    Another remake? Yup!
    Originality is having the worst year ever! I don't think Hollywood studios know what original stories look like at this point.

  • Speaking of original stories, I just saw the trailer for Midnight in Paris. I think it looks good! Check it out:

    What do you guys think? Would you see it in the theaters?

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