Wednesday, June 1, 2016

"Progress not Perfection"

A few months ago I wrote about the phrase, "be kind to yourself" and what it meant to me.

I recognized that for a good part of my life I went through this cycle of abandon, guilt and then punishment when it came to my physical appearance.

I decided to stop. I stopped comparing myself to others, I stopped depriving myself to fit into a mold, I stopped feeling guilty. I stopped thinking or I tried to. I'd be lying if I said I succeeded in undoing years of programming that taught me I wasn't the standard when it came to beauty. The motivation, however, behind it all was to be kind to myself.  I think in that respect, I'm loads better.

Now it's time for me to re-interpret what being kind to myself means in my life. For me, I believe what we put in and on our bodies is important. I believe what we consume has the power to heal and that everything we need to be our healthiest and happiest is provided by the earth.

So as I approach 30, it's really important to me that I make my health a priority. I choose to do that by consuming foods that will serve a purpose in my body and by making sure I'm strong.

I'm sharing this on social media because I want us all to think about ways we can be kind to ourselves. Sometimes that means not beating yourself up for having a slutty brownie or three. Other times, it means drinking your green smoothie and working out.

Balance :)