Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh no...

This video makes me incredibly uncomfortable.

Am I just conservative or are those dance moves just a tad stripperish?

Today in Frivolity

1. Today’s WWD was a little Vera Wang centric but with good reason. This month marks the 20th anniversary of the designer’s business. So everyone from Optical to KenmarkSerta took pages out to congratulate her. That’s sweet! Congrats Vera!

2. Katherine Hepburn is having the best year ever. Well sort of. The St. Louis based divison of Dillards will be hosting Lunch With Kate, a tribute to the actress’ influence on fashion. The Kent State University Museum will be hosting “Katherine Hepburn: Dressed for Stage and Screen” starting Oct.20 and The U.S Postal Service will be launching a commemorative Hepburn stamp this year as well.

3. Sony Music and its in-house merchandising company, The Thread Shop, will launch a line of T-shirts at Barneys New York next week called Archive 1887. The new brand is inspired by music history dating back to 1887 and the shirts will feature rare photos and artwork from the Sony Music archives. Each shirt also comes with a hangtag that can be used to stream music and a key that can be worn as a necklace or charm. I kind of lost my taste for rock t-shirts back in 2005 when I saw Paris Hilton in a bedazzled Rolling Stones concert tee but these sound cool.

4. Does anyone remember when baseballer Sammy Sosa pulled a Michael Jackson and showed up to an event looking like someone dipped him in bleach? Remember when he was considering becoming the spokesman for the lightening cream he used and then claimed he had no idea the “moisturizer” was going to make him look albino? Yeah, it looks like he had a change of heart because he ”looked back to his usual color” when he was spotted partying in Miami.

5. Oliver Stone, Broadway and Justin Timberlake? Eh, maybe. After Timberlake saw the musical Memphis and expressed interest in bringing it to the big screen, Stone has shown interest in directing it. This could go both ways so cross your fingers and hope Timberlake won’t be acting in the film.

6. Will all the actors be returning for the fourth and final Twilight film? Kellan Lutz (Emmett) and Ashley Greene (Alice) won’t if they don’t get paid. The greedy actors are holding out for a pay increase and Summit Entertainment is being stingy because the two are secondary characters and therefore replaceable. Ha, tell that to a 12 year old with an Emmett Cullen binder and an Alice Cullen Barbie. I expect fans of the series to freak out over this. They’ll call it the Twihard Riots of 2010 one day…

7. Tyra Banks is writing her first novel. It’s called Modelland. And it’s about supermodels. With magical powers. And it’s the first book in a trilogy. Oh lord.

8. In very sad news, supermodel Naomie Lenoir was found unconscious after apparently attempting to commit suicide. She is believed to have taken a cocktail of alcohol and drugs. Her ex-boyfriend, Claude Makelele, found her and called an ambulance but Lenoir came to a few minutes later and cancelled it. She then allegedly attempted to take her life again when she “left the house alone in the suburb of La Celle-Saint-Cloud, and was found unconscious again several hours later by a passer-by on the forest footpath.” Dude…

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The time has come...

If you're reading this around 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, I'm sitting in the Rollins gym listening to a speaker give some variation of the "today is the first day of the rest of your life" speech.

Fascinating stuff.

Anyway, I'm doing the graduation ceremony thing and I'm probably a little bored. But if I'm honest with myself, I'm probably a little excited too.

While I'm technically a graduate (class of 2009), this ceremony represents the end of a very long journey. I have been taught by some of the greatest professors. I have learned so much and now I'm done with school.

And I am never going back : )

Friday, May 7, 2010

Subway Playlist: Otown Funtown

This place is so much more fun now that I don't live here...

Happy Friday : )

  1. Letters to Cleo “Awake”
  2. Save Ferris “Superspy”
  3. Kosheen “Crawling”
  4. Poe “Angry Johnny”
  5. Postal Service "Brand New Colony"

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quote It.

“If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors not his equals.”
Sirius Black.

Yes, I'm a dork.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Costume Institute Gala 2010: Funnest People to Attend Event With

I would have wanted to go with them. Or Lady Gaga and Marc Jacobs : )

Costume Institute Gala 2010

As many of you know, I look forward to the Costume Institute Gala every year. I was so excited when I moved to New York because I kept on thinking "I'll be in town for the Costume Institute Gala"! Why I thought this would make a difference is beyond me; it's not like I attended the event!

But, I do get to go to the exhibit that the event was honoring, American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity.

Anyway, I looked through the pictures (courtesy of, and and basically uploaded the ones that made me stop... for good and very bad reasons. Here's my round up. Make sure you check out the rest of the photos!

Sienna Miller's Pucci dress was hands down my favorite of the night.

Tom Ford - in his design- was my favorite male. But I love him so that's a given.

People really made a fuss about Tina Fey's jumpsuit.
I liked it. It's Yves Saint Laurent.
Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad. This is the only ball gown I'm showing because I personally think, while beautiful, they are boring boring boring. Ball gowns are for the Oscars people; let's try something different. Must we all look like Barbie princesses?

Beautiful dress though.

On to the dresses that made me choke on my soymilk...
Katy Perry in Cute Circuit. Yes, it's a glow in the dark dress.

Rachel Zoe in Marc Jacobs. Yes, it's velvet.

Doutzen Kroes in Zac Posen. Yes, that is a whole lot of... tulle?

Demi Moore in Lanvin. Eh...
January Jones in Yves Saint Laurent. On one hand, she took a chance. On the other hand this is just awful. I don't understand the gloves...
Elizabeth in Gucci. I really don't think I need to explain why I don't like this...

Moving on to dresses I did like!

Zoe Kazan in Peter Som.
Stella McCartney in her own design. It's simple but it flatters her.

Jessica Szhor in Atelier Versace; it's the closest I came to liking a ball gown at the event...

Jessica Biel in Ralph Lauren Collection. Some people were bored with her choice; I was not .
Emma Watson in Burberry; she looked fresh.

As did Donna Karan in her own design.

Diane Kruger in Calvin Klein. How does she always get it right? I want her clothes! And her body. And her boyfriend...
Anna Wintour looked classy in Chanel Haute Couture but I love what her daughter Bee Shaffer wore: Balenciaga.
And Alessandra Ambrosio in Versace.

So the above are the dresses that made me stop and look. If you're into fashion, I encourage you to check out the other outfits people wore.

I actually kind of hate pointing out the dresses and outfits I disliked. I think more than any other event, the Costume Institute Gala is about "real fashion". It's about taking chances and having fun and celebrating fashion as a form of expression.

I also want to stress that just because I didn't care for something, doesn't mean it's ugly. They are often the most detailed, intricate, works of art.

I just happen to really dislike ballgowns unless they're short (I don't even think I would wear one to my own wedding).

But I happen to know that Jennifer Lopez is making a lot of "best dressed" lists.

To each her own.

Enjoy : )

Photos courtesy of,,

Monday, May 3, 2010

Today in Frivolity...

1. Word on the street is Lady Gaga is the cover girl for Vanity Fair’s September issue. Oh, the possibilities...

2. Taylor Swift is the new face of Cover Girl cosmetics. She’ll appear in TV, print and in-store advertising. She joins Rihanna, Drew Barrymore, Ellen Degeneres, Queen Latifah and Dania Ramirez. Smart move on Cover Girl’s part; people will buy anything from this girl. She’s like a Girl Scout.

3. Mandy Moore may be as sweet as pie, but she is not about to rough it. The actress, who is filming in New Orleans with the rest of the “Love, Wedding, Marriage” cast, was moved to the Ritz Carlton after she complained about the hotel they had to stay in. Kellan Lutz, Jessica Szohr, Jane Seymour and James Brolin stayed put though. So now Moore looks a bit like a diva.

4. Diane Kruger who has looked perfect every year she has attended the Costume Institute Gala, will be attending tonight’s event with Calvin Klein’s Francisco Cota. She’s also the face of Calvin Klein’s newest fragrance, Calvin Klein Beauty. Funny, I thought she’d be tapped to do something for Chanel...

5. RIP M2. The nightclub’s was shut down last week for allowing the sale of marijuana and narcotics and now their liquor license has been revoked indefinitely. Clubs here are like Hydras; cut down one, two more come up.

6. When news broke out last week that Gabriel Aubrey broke up with Halle Berry, many people asked, “who breaks up with Halle Berry.” According to People magazine, no one. The new story is Halle Berry “kicked him out months ago because he wasn’t pulling his weight in the relationship and she wanted to move on.” Does it matter?

7. Speaking of the Aubrey/Berry breakup, Page Six is in a tizzy because they weren’t the first people to announce the Halle Berry/Gabriel Aubrey break-up. But they totally would have been winners of the gossip shuffle if the people at 42West weren’t such punks! Calling the publicity agency a “school for liars”, they even brought up that time in 1992 (yep, they went all the way back) when 42West initially denied the whole Woody Allen, Soon-Yi drama. Oh no, the injustice of it all. Let it go Page Six, let it go…

8. It looks like Chelsea Clinton is embracing her inner Bridezilla; she told her dad he had to drop 15 lbs before walking her down the aisle. And President Clinton is already half way towards that goal! The things we do for family.

9. In sad news, Jean-Louis Dumas, CEO at Hermes International from 1938 till his retirement in 2006, passed away Saturday morning at the age of 72. He is survived by his two children.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Black Woman's Love Life: One Epic Fail

"How many men do you men...who can effectively deal with
a mate who has more education...and makes more money?
Not many. They freak.
" Drew's friend, Jungle Fever.

Greetings from my incredibly hot room.

I apologize for the weird posting; I forgot it was scheduled to be posted on Friday and I never finished it.

I’ve been sitting on this video for months now, debating whether or not throwing my opinion into the discussion would be worth it. After all, this topic is more played out than a Lady Gaga song.

But it's out now so...

Let the rant begin.

I’ve posted quite a few videos that have been making the rounds online. They are all about black women and why they’re still single. More specifically, they discuss black women and their standards, the demise of the black family and dating outside of one’s race.

Check out the videos if you have time. If you’d rather not, I’ll list off some statistics for you:
  • According to the ABC News video, there are more black women than black men in the United States. 2 million more.
  • If every black man married a black woman, one in twelve would still find themselves left out.
  • 42% of black women have never been married.

The statistics go on and on. So what’s the problem?

Well it looks like the blame has been put on me and every other single black lady out there. We’re too picky. Yep, we are too picky.
Hill Harper explains “95% of black women want the 5% of black men” ,
Jimmy Israel calls it the “”Denzel Principle”. He says “you’re looking for Mr.Perfect when you yourself aren't.”

Steve Harvey says pretty much the same thing. Black women don’t want to date a black man who doesn’t have his shit together and they need to learn to date men who may not.
This brings me to a very interesting article. The New York Times article pretty much explored the repercussions of men marrying women who were more successful professionally.

I, for one, am utterly bored with this topic which is why it’s taken me so long to address it. There really isn’t a satisfactory explanation for why black women are still single. It is what it is.

I can't speak for anyone but myself so I won't generalize.

I'm called picky all the time. ALL the time. And I don't give a rat's ass. Because I know I'm not. Picky is dissing a guy because his sneakers aren't designer. Picky is turning a guy down because he doesn't like the same music as you.

I will give every guy a chance, meaning I'll talk to you.

I am, however, careful. In my experience, ignoring my instincts and going on a date when I knew it wasn't right has been a waste of my time.

  • I meet way too many guys who are suffering from the slut syndrome. They have girlfriends and still try to date someone on the side. And then they have the audacity to get angry when a woman finds out and wants to end things (like they're doing all women a favor by dating as many of us as possible).
  • I meet way too many guys who think because they speak English, they're special.You don't have a job, fine. But you're not in school either. You're not disabled, so what are you doing? Surely you don't expect me to date someone who has no desire whatsoever to do anything. If that's the case, you're just a walking vibrator.
  • I meet way too many guys who want a 10 when they're a 4 at best.
  • I meet way too many guys who become resentful instead of supportive when their girlfriends' careers take off.
  • I meet way too many guys who don't reciprocate the support they expect.

Like I said, it is what it is. But for the sake of this argument, let me lower my expectations. I'll throw my ridiculous list out the window and start off easy: be single. Really single. Don't have a wife or a girlfriend and try talking to me.

I can tell you right now that eliminates most of the guys that have approached me in the last three years.

Now let's start the talk about how "women expect too much from men" and "men will be men and do what men do".

So over it.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

JMO: Work Pet Peeves

Can someone please explain to me why it is so impossibly difficult for grown women to flush the toilet? I have had more than 15 jobs since 2003. Now these jobs have varied from your "would you like that for here or to go?" part-time gigs to your "company policy states jeans are not appropriate work attire" full time jobs.

But one thing never changes: there's always a lady (or two) who thinks flushing the toilet is beneath her. I'm not dropping names mainly because I never know who's behind the faux pas, but I can't tell you how many times I've walked into a stall and was surprised by someone else's poo. It's gross ladies.

So I urge you all who may commit this crime from time to time to read the following:

Dear Bathroom Etiquette Offender: Flush the toilet. Please. And if you have a toilet that flushes for you, make sure your droppings actually go down the drain. If I can do it for you, surely you can do it for yourself.

That is all.