Monday, October 31, 2011

Super Excited!

Randy: There are certain RULES that one must abide by in order to successfully survive a horror movie. For instance, number one: you can never have sex.
crowd boos]
Randy: BIG NO NO! BIG NO NO! Sex equals death, okay? Number two: you can never drink or do drugs.
crowd cheers and raises their bottles]
Randy: The sin factor! It's a sin. It's an extension of number one. And number three: never, ever, ever under any circumstances say, "I'll be right back." Because you won't be back.
Stu: I'm gettin' another beer, you want one?
Randy: Yeah, sure.
Stu: I'll be right back.
crowd cheers]
Randy: See, you push the laws and you end up dead. Okay, I'll see you in the kitchen with a knife. 

Yo yo yo! Yo...

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone dressed up over the weekend and had a great time. If you live in the Northeast area, chances are you didn't. I worked so even if the weather wasn't ridiculous, there would be no Halloween fun for me (The Children's Place: slowly killing my spirits since October 2011).

But despite the fact that I'm 25, working in retail and having to live through Snowtober, I'm in a fantastic mood! For one, November is a new month and a new month means a new beginning and I'm determined to get my fat ass moving and try that whole exercising thing again. If at first you don't succeed, right?

Two, this morning I entertained myself reading #ThingsLongerThanKimsMarriage tweets. Freaking hilarious. Laughter releases endorphins so you know, I'm doing my body good. In all seriousness though, breaking up sucks and it can't be easy doing it publicly so good luck to her.

Last but not least, I am beyond excited because I have an interview with Entertainment Weekly tomorrow! I haven't been this excited about an interview in a very long time people. Working at EW wold be a dream come true because I am seriously on their site every day. 

I go hard for EW people. EW is the Bieber to my tween. It's that serious.

I first discovered years ago when I was trying to get some info on the next season of my favorite show EVER Battlestar Galactica (RIP BSG). These days, I'm on it for everything from Hunger Games info to recaps (you guys know how I feel about all things Bachelor related but it's so much better with Kristen Baldwin's hilarious commentary thrown into the mix).

So I'm in a great mood. I'm gonna skip Terra Nova tonight and watch Scream in honor of today. I caught some of it a couple of nights ago and was reminded of how Matthew Lillard used to be my everything. 

What ever happened to him?

Shits and Giggles Mondays

Happy Halloween : )

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quote It

"For me there are only two types of women: goddesses and doormats."

Pablo Picasso

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today in Frivolity

It's been a long time since I've written a frivolity post. It's been so hard not commenting on the lives of people I'll never meet; I have no idea how I've been coping to be honest. But what matters is I'm here now. Let's begin.
  • Word on the street is Lindsay Lohan will be stripping for Playboy very soon. Cuz that'll breathe new life into her career.
    Seriously though, leave a comment if you're surprised by this news. And click here for your dose of Hot Mess Lohan snark, courtesy of Gawker's regulars.
  • Emma Stone (who landed Lohan's career) allegedly says she hates it when actors censor themselves because they're not authentic on screen or something. Love her, but she really should censor herself (ha) and not comment on the problems with other actors. It kinda makes her come off as a tool. She's 22 and enjoying the benefits of being an "it" girl in Hollywood right now. Let's see how she feels when she's 42 and all that enthusiasm starts to dry up along with the roles.
  • Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderamma (who used to date an underage Lohan) have reunited and it feels so gooood. For them anyway. I don't really care either way.
  • Speaking of celebs we assume are a couple because they made out (like you've never kissed someone for the hell of it), Scarlett Johansson (who has this and this connection to Lohan) is now being linked to Joseph Gordon-Levitt. They were spotted kissing and being affectionate in NYC recently by someone with a big mouth.
    I'm going to out myself as a stan and just say NO ONE WILL EVER BE GOOD ENOUGH FOR HIM. But I'm not upset or anything.
  • If the Kardashians (who are cool with the Lohans) trademarking "Kardashian Kollection Home" is any indication, we're all in for more fun. I'm talking linens and candles and plates. This is super exciting news.
  • You wanna read a stupid post about the best celeb bodies? Here you go (Lohan's not on the list).
  • Reports are claiming Jennifer Hudson (I've got nothing on the Lohan front here) and David "Punk" Otunga (the lawyer turned pro-wrestler of I Love New York fame) are no longer engaged. Bummer if this is true; they have a kid together.
On a celeb-related note, is it weird that I can spend hours playing those celeb love link games on Because I have. And I'm thrilled when I get a perfect score.

Monday, October 24, 2011

JMO: Blake Lively Is Not A Skank, Slut, Whore, Slore.

"Ok, so we're all here 'cause of this book, right? Well, I don't know who wrote this book, but you all have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores. It just makes it ok for guys to call you sluts and whores."

- Tina Fey's Ms. Norbury, Mean Girls

She's had the kind of last two years that catapults careers and she's  linked to some of the hottest men in Hollywood on a regular basis. This makes mean, bored housewives with nothing better to do call her a slut on because she didn't decide to go celibate after breaking up with Penn Badgley.

But you know what?  I applaud her. I take off my hat and say "well done good sir"! Because she is talented (compared to other actresses anyway). And she's 24, single and hot. Why shouldn't she date? Because she has a vagina?

Put down the haterade and think for a moment. If you're single, you're young, and attractive, you're gonna date. Yeah, the guys we spend Friday night with probably don't look like Leo and Ryan but that's not her fault. We all date; some dates turn into relationships and some don't.

You gotta sample the rainbow before you find the gold. Let her sample the rainbow!

I'm on a break from sampling right now. When I look at the rainbow Blake Lively gets to sample from and I look at mine, I get kinda sad.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Subway Playlist

  • Rihanna - We Found Love 
That's it, the only song on my playlist because I've been listening to this song pretty much all day.

It's been a long time since I've been this obsessed with a music video. With pop, it's hard to get really deep (the lyrics often leave much to be desired) which is why music videos often elevate or sink a song. This video definitely elevated the song for me.

In response to the Chris Brown comparisons: Duh people.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Conquering The Tribal Print Trend One Blog Post At A Time.

Yo yo yo! Yo...

So I like, wrote this post for Madame Noire about tribal prints in fashion and that whole Navajo moment happening right now.

You can check it out here. If you want to : )

Not Mandatory But Freaking Good:


I am OBSESSED with my hair people. It's the healthiest relationship I have. I spend more time on my hair than I spend on any other part of my body because it's important to me that it's healthy.

Haha, I like how I just outed myself; "fuck exercising, my hair is more important".

But I'm sure I'm not the only woman (or man) that feels that way...

Anyway, I've been growing out my curly hair for almost two years now. I love going on Youtube and watching tutorials on ways to keep it moisturized, combat split ends and stuff like that. And I have a whole folder of pics of women called my "Hairspiration Box"(which I've written about before). Nothing motivates me more than seeing someone with a head of big hair.

That's why I'm loving discovered the site after browsing besties Cipriana and Nikisha's hair videos on Youtube.

The two ladies write about their hair journeys, and give great tips on getting the best hair ever. EVER.

Both women take turns posting which is great because they have different hair types and therefore different hair regimens.

Cipriana and Nikisha aren't only rocking some enviable tresses, they are super-cute!

I love their style, I love their personalities, I love their site. Love love love.

Check it out and let me know what you think peeps : )

Wednesday, October 12, 2011