Monday, June 25, 2012

Rest in Peace Daddy.

"God created you perfectly."

The last thing my dad said to me before he passed.

I don't think my dad understood me very much. I'm the 4th daughter and I’ve always been kind of spacey. He was a businessman; I’m artsy. He was a realist; I’m an optimist.  We looked exactly the same (down to the gap in our teeth) but we couldn’t be more different. The great thing about him was he never made me feel inadequate. He was always supportive of my dreams no matter which direction I took them in. My dad was awesome. I couldn’t possibly make anyone understand how awesome in a blog post.

I love him, I miss him and I think about him every day.

*I don't have any recent photos of him and me together because I wanted to wait until he gained some weight.

I’m an idiot.