Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Rolling Stone's Readers Name The Best TV Shows of The 90s.

And I totally disagree.

You want to exclude Saved By the Bell? Fine. But how on earth can you have that list and exclude A Different World? I'm so confused.

A Different World followed Denise Huxtable (Lisa Bonet's character fromfrom The Cosby show) as she started her first year at Hillman College, a HBCU. Even though she left after season one, the show flourished as viewers followed the characters as they went through the college experience and went through the growing pains that go along with being a minority in America. It was a funny, poignant, thought-provoking show with story-lines that never got stale. Those story-lines would still be very relevant today.

For that reason alone, the Rolling Stone list is crap. But click here if you want to check it out anyway.

Here are some of my favorite scenes from the show:

Start at 15:20 to watch my favorite scene from the whole series though the whole episode is worth watching.

And check out this clip of some of the cast members talking about the influence the show had on America and Bill Cosby (side-eye):

JMO: Jon Stewart Is Leaving The Daily Show And We Should All Be Sad About It.

Where were you when you found out Jon Stewart was leaving The Daily Show?

I was and still am in Florida. I'm in shock and I'm super-bummed about it. I found out when I was on I tend to go on their site more when I feel like I've binged on way too much entertainment news and I need a palette cleanser. Then, as I read articles about topics that run a little deeper than who A is, I'm reminded of how much I love that site.

Anyway, they broke the news to me (click here for the article).

I'm bummed. Are you guys bummed? Do you watch The Daily Show? You should. It's good.

I'm not going to front, I never watched the Daily Show regularly once I stopped paying for cable. Still, I'm still really sad to see Jon Stewart go. In a world where people are quick to accept what is reported as fact, Stewart always had a way of making his viewers look at things from a different perspective. He not only encouraged it, he expected it. I feel like as a talk-show host, he held his viewers to a certain standard and expected them to, at the very least, think.

So we should all be sad that he's leaving in my opinion.

The privilege has been ours, Mr. Jon Stewart.