Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Guys!

Sorry, I've been MIA; my laptop died on me so I've been computerless since Sunday. It's so hard, I feel like I lost an arm.

I'm spending the day with my family in Connecticut but I wanted to take a moment to share this amazingly offensive video. It seemed fitting.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Best Twilight Spoof EVER.

In honor of the beginning of the end of the Twilight saga (Breaking Dawn Part 1 opens today), I just wanted to share this little jewel.  It's old but so good imo.

Before I start getting hate mail, I just want to (once again) write that I don't hate the movies and I read all of the books. Calm the f-ck down. 

Have a sparkly Friday ; ) Am I the only one who misses Olivia Munn on Attack of the Show? I can't be...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Geek Warning: This Is A Battlestar Galactica Post.

Look what I saw today on Facebook!

Aww, I miss BSG.


I'm rewatching the series again with my sister this time.

Of course she loves it.

During my EW interview, one of the editors asked me if I watched Caprica. I didn't. Should I? I just couldn't get it up for Caprica when it first premiered but maybe I'll try again.

Today in Frivolity.

  1. Why do people dislike Jennifer Love Hewitt? Did I miss something because she is constantly getting slammed on blogs. She seems so sweet in interviews; isn't hating her like hating a puppy? Maybe I'm biased since I can't hate on anyone who can publicly admit to loving both The Bachelor/ Bachelorette and Twilight.
    I do, however, have some theories on the JLW hate:
    • She's a hopeless romantic and she seems to jump from one relationship to another like a teenager. Except she's a grown ass woman.
    • She's not a stick figure like most actresses but she doesn't have this perfectly curved, other-worldly body like Christina Hendricks, Beyonce or Kim K. It's almost too normal and real and how DARE she look like a real person?
    • She's kinda of a dork but not in an ironic, hip way.
    • She used to play the dream girl in movies and now her career is kinda one big meh. People must love that the "it" girl grew up and isn't the teen dream anymore. Celebs: we build them up to tear them down.

  2. Dakota Fanning talks about being too young to pose for King perv Terry Richardson.
  3. Have you had as much trouble as me imagining Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderamma as a couple? You don't have to imagine anymore; here's a pic of the lovebirds together that doesn't involve them tonguing each other down.
  4. Ashley Greene says she's still totally grounded despite all the Twilight fame. Riiiiiiiight.
  5. Speaking of actresses in Twilight that twihards don't really care about because they don't get to sex angsty Edward, Nikki Reed is Seventeen magazine's cover girl and she talks about how fame ended up tearing apart what was once this. Tis' life I guess.
  6. Devastated Kris Humphries is going to sign the divorce papers. Fret not sad giant man, it'll be okay. You'll find a nice girl with real body parts.
  7. Jesse James is still a douche and his penis is probably diseased.

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Hunger Games Trailer Is Here And It's F*cking Awesome.


What's up everyone? Everything kosher? I'm so thrilled to be done with a project that was taking way more time than I expected. I'm so relieved that I have time to tweet and blog and all that stuff with my free time again.  I'm psyched. It's that kind of day.

So I'm late with this because if you care at all, you've already seen this about a dozen times (I'm being modest with the number). With that said, did the Hunger Games trailer blow your mind? Because it blew my mind.

I've spent months worrying about Hollywood bigwigs ruining a fantastic trilogy. First the casting made me all types of confused and then that anemic teaser trailer came out and I was like "aw shit, they don't have footage to show because the movie probably SUCKS". I'm happy to say I was wrong. I don't know about you guys but I am so excited about this movie!

Well done Hollywood bigwigs. Well done.

Check out the trailer. I'm not afraid to admit that I've gotten choked up at 2:10 every time so far.

Shits and Giggles Mondays

Wednesday, November 2, 2011