Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Costume Institute Gala 2010

As many of you know, I look forward to the Costume Institute Gala every year. I was so excited when I moved to New York because I kept on thinking "I'll be in town for the Costume Institute Gala"! Why I thought this would make a difference is beyond me; it's not like I attended the event!

But, I do get to go to the exhibit that the event was honoring, American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity.

Anyway, I looked through the pictures (courtesy of people.com, style.com and ybf.com) and basically uploaded the ones that made me stop... for good and very bad reasons. Here's my round up. Make sure you check out the rest of the photos!

Sienna Miller's Pucci dress was hands down my favorite of the night.

Tom Ford - in his design- was my favorite male. But I love him so that's a given.

People really made a fuss about Tina Fey's jumpsuit.
I liked it. It's Yves Saint Laurent.
Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad. This is the only ball gown I'm showing because I personally think, while beautiful, they are boring boring boring. Ball gowns are for the Oscars people; let's try something different. Must we all look like Barbie princesses?

Beautiful dress though.

On to the dresses that made me choke on my soymilk...
Katy Perry in Cute Circuit. Yes, it's a glow in the dark dress.

Rachel Zoe in Marc Jacobs. Yes, it's velvet.

Doutzen Kroes in Zac Posen. Yes, that is a whole lot of... tulle?

Demi Moore in Lanvin. Eh...
January Jones in Yves Saint Laurent. On one hand, she took a chance. On the other hand this is just awful. I don't understand the gloves...
Elizabeth in Gucci. I really don't think I need to explain why I don't like this...

Moving on to dresses I did like!

Zoe Kazan in Peter Som.
Stella McCartney in her own design. It's simple but it flatters her.

Jessica Szhor in Atelier Versace; it's the closest I came to liking a ball gown at the event...

Jessica Biel in Ralph Lauren Collection. Some people were bored with her choice; I was not .
Emma Watson in Burberry; she looked fresh.

As did Donna Karan in her own design.

Diane Kruger in Calvin Klein. How does she always get it right? I want her clothes! And her body. And her boyfriend...
Anna Wintour looked classy in Chanel Haute Couture but I love what her daughter Bee Shaffer wore: Balenciaga.
And Alessandra Ambrosio in Versace.

So the above are the dresses that made me stop and look. If you're into fashion, I encourage you to check out the other outfits people wore.

I actually kind of hate pointing out the dresses and outfits I disliked. I think more than any other event, the Costume Institute Gala is about "real fashion". It's about taking chances and having fun and celebrating fashion as a form of expression.

I also want to stress that just because I didn't care for something, doesn't mean it's ugly. They are often the most detailed, intricate, works of art.

I just happen to really dislike ballgowns unless they're short (I don't even think I would wear one to my own wedding).

But I happen to know that Jennifer Lopez is making a lot of "best dressed" lists.

To each her own.

Enjoy : )

Photos courtesy of People.com, Style.com, YBF.com


  1. nice nice nice....who was with Joshua?

  2. Diane Kruger in Calvin Klein : )

  3. makes me want to buy mad dresses...