Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Miss TV.

I'm not ashamed to call myself a TV junkie. I love TV. I have a very loving relationship with TV. And I need to get a fix regularly or things get ugly. UGLY.

So when I told my roommate I was going to be out of the country for three weeks, she laughed and laughed. I wasn't offended. I wanted to laugh too. And cry. After all, I'm missing the last three episodes of "The Bachelor" and I'm missing "Glee".

It's been really really hard.

To make matters worse, I haven't had access to the internet for a week so I'm totally out of the loop!

WhatamIgonnado? If I move here, this is going to be a huge problem for me. Laugh all you want but watching TV is my way of relaxing.

I love reading as much as the next bookworm but c'mon! Spend the day without electricity long enough for the novelty to wear off then judge me. When the lights come on, I want to be with my television!

My mission today was simple; find websites that air American shows and see if they work in Nigeria. This isn't just about me: every year, people who enjoy crappy television travel to countries that just don't air them. This is for them too!

  •,,, All of the websites said they needed me to download a newer version of Flash so I'll get back to you on this.
  • Nope, "Sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed from within the United States" Daaaaaaaaaaaamn Youuuuuuuuuuuu!
  • It's tricky. In the US, you can watch videos without downloading anything. It looks like people trying to access the newest episode of "Grey's Anatomy", will have to download the file. I'd do it but I'm getting the side eye from the guy who works here.
  • See explanation.
  • If your fave show is often uploaded to the site in segments, you're in luck. It seems to work here : )
  • Videos on don't work over here.


    Wait, MTVBase, Africa's MTV listed "The Jersey Shore" as one of the shows they air but the episodes on their website are from the Miami episodes.

Can somebody confirm that MTVBase airs "The Jersey Shore"? Are the episodes from season 2? For the love of God, someone get back to me on this! And does anyone know where I can watch videos online?