Sunday, March 13, 2011

Road Trip to the Village.

So after the awesome time I had covering AMFW, it was time to pack my bags for a completely different experience.

The village.

Ipetu to be specific, my father's hometown. It's located in Osun state. I'm pretty sure this Ipetu isn't referring to my dad's village but what do I know? I can't even speak Yoruba.

Anyway, I can't put into words how much my father loves his home. Over the past few years, he and my mom have spent more and more time there. So it was really important that I made a trip there before heading back to New York.

Besides, since I visited in 2007, my parents opened a motel there as well as a hall in honor of my paternal grandmother. I wanted to see the changes.

This is one of my closest friends,Tolu. Me, Yemi (one of my sister's) and Dimeji (my brother) all went to Home Science Association Secondary School when we lived in Nigeria. Tolu was in me and Yemi's set and we've kept in touch over the years.

Tolu's a Nurse now. I like to call her the "baby saver" because she works with infants.

The last time I was in Nigeria, Tolu went with us to Ipetu so it was nice that she could join us again.

We were squished in the back of the car with a freaking huge bag of rice, loaves of bread, two barrels of catfish and some other random stuff.

While Tolu slept, I took photos.

The Nestle factory in Sagamu. I think.

My parents stopped to buy dried tilapia but snails are very popular too. Hey, I may be a vegan now but I still have my memories.

My mom raises snails on our property in Alagbado. And catfish. And she has four goats. Oh, how things change.

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