Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dad Bought a Car

Three weeks of nagging paid off.

The Toyota above overheats easily so we constantly had to stop and let it cool down. In the car's defense, it only started acting up within the last year.

This Range Rover is like a black hole; you keep on throwing money into it and it never comes back.

My mechanic described my car that way once : )

And the Pajero.
It's time for the Pajero to retire. I'm pretty sure it's only a couple of years younger than me.

My dad drove home in this yesterday.

It's nice to know my parents will be able to go to Ipetu without having to stop several times because of the car overheating.

: )


  1. Congratulate your dad for me! He bought a good car home. Well, you have been a good daughter! You thought about the sake of your parents and that's what sons and daughters should do! You even shared it in this post. Your parents should be proud of you! :)