Saturday, March 12, 2011

ARISE Magazine Fashion Week: Day Two

While it was the second day of AMFW, it was the last day for me. I cut my trip early to go to my dad's village before heading back to the states.

If you'd like to read my review of the shows, click here.

I don't want to make this post too long but I will say this: these were events organized by a magazine that celebrates Africa’s accomplishments as well as discussing their issues and features designers that create looks that compliment ALL types of women and all types of beauty.

I am so glad I attended the shows during AMFW. I met some amazing people and I'm just really excited about the talent that continues to come out of Africa.

Here are some more pics:

This is my favorite photo. Period. I love trad so...

Tsemaye Binitie show. I loved the messy updos some of the models had their hair in.

Nice : )

I snapped Dare Art-Alade with his cousin (a photographer and my new hair idol) and Hephzibah Hart.

I loved the outfits the ushers wore that day.

Twin designers behind Maatano. I'm pretty sure this was my favorite collection. I'd wear everything from that collection.

Jo Black Craze.
Hello little boys, little toys...



  1. Um. I need to know these designers!! *in love*

  2. How come i didn't get to see Dare Art-Alade!Nywayz,i never knew he and TY Bello were cousins. Your hair idols name is TY-Bello,she is also a musical artist,used to be in a girl group known as KUSH before the split.Now she is solo and does photography alongside.

  3. Whoa,seriously? That's awesome! I saw them when I went back to the hotel on Saturday.

    Thanks for the info; I have a lot of research to do : )