Tuesday, March 1, 2011

FOOD: Mangoes and Agbalumos


Do you know what's in the picture above? It's heaven.

In my humble opinion, there are few things that compare to the perfection of fruits. Nature's candy is diverse in flavor and texture.

Yum : )

My mom knows how much I love fruits so she picked a bunch of mangoes and she bought a bag of agbalumos (all the cherimoyas were gone from the tree by the time I flew in unfortunately).

Mom, you're the best!!!!

What is an agbalumo?

I wish I had a link to send you guys but there aren't any websites that seem to really know what kind of fruit it is. It's referred to as a white star apple but that's a completely different fruit.

Maybe it's in the same fruit family...

Anyway, it's nature's equivalent to a Sour Punch.

After making love to my mango, I split the agbalumo open. The white part of the fruit is usually sweet and covers the seeds which are not edible.

I like to scoop each seed out (there are usually four to five in each fruit), pop them in my mouth and kind of suck the white part off.

The seed.

This orange part of the fruit is where the sour punch reference comes in. The white flesh is sweet while the orange part of the fruit is squint your eyes sour.

After picking the flesh clean off the skin (hehe, I'm a cannibal), I'm done. I recommend everyone try agbalumos and cherimoyas at least once. You won't regret it and it won't give you malaria, promise.

: )

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