Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Myth Busting: Africa The Big Ol' Jungle

As a first generation American, or a Nigerian American as I prefer to call myself, I have been asked some pretty stupid questions about Africa.

Let me take a moment to remind everyone that Africa is a continent with over 50 countries. Let me also take a moment to remind some people that Zamunda isn't really a country so I couldn't possibly know anyone from there.

Yes, really.

Just read this.
Anyway, I'm here to bust some myths. You will finish reading this post and be better for it. Trust me. By the way, those fliers in the picture above is part of a politician's campaign. I told you they go hard here...

My parents and I were on our way to Lekki (here's the not helpful at all Wikipedia page) that day. To get to Lekki, people have to take the bridge that goes to Victoria Island. Unless I'm mistaken, I think that's the only way to get to Lekki.

Here's a big ol' sign.

I like to think of VI as an African Manhattan. This is where everything happens. Almost everything.

The metropolitan area is also the financial centre of Lagos. It's a far cry from the underdeveloped images that are usually associated with African countries.

Don't get me wrong, Nigeria has areas that are underdeveloped but we also have towns with everything from car dealerships to malls to movie theaters.

Let me put it like this: people do choose to live here. Not everyone is dying to leave because America is so awesome right now.

It's not all roses but it's home to millions.

Me and my mommy, my homegirl, my best friend.

Dad's idea of a good time is running errands and having us tag along. It's riveting.

Dad's getting rid of some of his land in Lekki.

Well will you look at that. They have Radissons here; real honest to goodness hotels. So don't worry, no one has to sleep in a tree on this trip ; )

That building is a church with a roof, walls and even a fancy clock.

Shocking, I know.

Gasp! Is that a piece of machinery? By golly, I think it is!

All snark aside, I encourage people to ask questions about Africa the continent. If they didn't ask, they would keep on believing me and the royal family of Kukuanaland are tight.

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