Friday, April 23, 2010

How Do You Fight The Flab?

"Cher, I don't want to do this anymore. And my buns: they don't feel nothin' like steel."
Tai. Clueless

Help me ladies, I'm ten seconds away from throwing a paper bag over my head and never leaving my side of the room again (throws herself on pillow dramatically) : (

I have a dilemma.

I've always been proud of my body. Walk around in my underwear proud. It's not that my body is banging; I just believe in embracing the body you were born with. So I never had a desire to be Victoria Secret model thin; I don't mind being between a size eight and ten and I don't mind the fact that my thighs touch when I walk.

So exercising is something I just can't get motivated to do. I know I should but I eat pretty healthy (vegan) and I walk 20 mins a day to and from the subway station. It's not cardio but it's something. Needless to say, I've been pretty comfortable with my body.

That was before Spring came, I got rid of my layers and looked at what was underneath them.

Everything. On. Me. Jiggles. EVERYTHING. It's like I woke up one morning and became the Jello Lady. Have I always been this flabby? If yes, why didn't anyone tell me?!?

I don't mind being on the curvy side but I do mind being unhealthy. And this can't be healthy can it?

So I need help! How do I turn my flab into muscle without my breasts turning into pecs?

I can't afford to hit the gym but I have some dvds at home that I can blow the dust off of...

Should I start jumping rope?

What do you guys do to stay in shape?


  1. Just keep that movement going girl...winter just ended...once the heat kicks in you'll be all good.

    Jump rope is good - and keep hittin' those dvds hard - you know what to do.

    Takes time.

  2. if u cant go to the gym, like u said dust off those cds, u can find a lot on youtube too and work out at home for 30mins, making sure you put your all....since you already eat healthy you should be fine....i go to the gym, try to make it everyday but i've been lazy and i make sure to walk up and down the elevators for me most of the time