Friday, April 2, 2010

JMO: ABC's Flash Forward

So I was watching FlashForward last night like I always do before Grey’s Anatomy. The plot is kind of unbelievable and the acting is sometimes terrible but John Cho, Michael Ealy and Joseph Fiennes kind of make up for it.

John Cho is perfection.

Anyway, in this episode, the Mosaic group went to Somalia to follow a lead on their case and a bunch of Somali rebel fighters shot up the place with no regard for human life. Then the head honcho – who repeatedly stated he was following God’s plan – was talked out of his killing spree by the American woman who tells him “you’re supposed to stop the war not start it” or some irritating comment like that and he does a 180 and starts helping out the group.

Because that’s realistic.

I could go on in greater detail but that really sums up what happened in the episode. Maybe I’m being sensitive but I am so tired of watching Africans portrayed negatively in the media. It’s getting old. Episodes like that are cliché and played out, not to mention irresponsible. They reinforce America’s ugly image of Africa and contribute to people’s unfair opinions of Africans.

It’s wrong.

I know Africa as a continent may not be progressing as quickly as everywhere else but not every country is run by killer hungry maniacs. It would be nice to see a positive story come out of the Hollywood machine at least once.

But who am I kidding?I don’t know if writers in Hollywood are capable of writing a story that isn’t formulaic and predictable.

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  1. they are not able to really... and you can't blame them they are ignorant...the one show "the philanthropist" is the only show that has attempted to try that and if i'm correct its been cancelled, they don't want to remove the scale in their eyes it seems...