Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Books Will Never Go Out of Style

I read this interesting opinion piece about book covers and I thought I'd share it with my readers.

What say you people?

I've never given book covers much thought. I consider the removable ones (that usually cover hardcovers) annoying.

But I can close my eyes and the image of my favorite book pops up. I guess it means more than I originally thought.

I've been talking to people about living in a world where books don't exist for years. Call me an optimist but I don't think that time will ever come. Like Bob Greene mentioned, at the very worst, books will be what old records are to some music enthusiasts. I know a Kindle could never replace a book for me. It doesn't have the smell I love, It doesn't betray its age the way a book does.

It's not the freaking same.

Sure I guess it would be more convenient to carry the electronic reading machine thingy around. Especially on the subway. But I would take the slight discomfort of a book's bulk over an electronic one any day.

But that''s just me.


  1. Yea books can never die...and i don't think kindle could ever work for me....to be honest won't ever try it i don't think....but really i don't remember book covers...is this bad? i hardly ever remember the names i just pick a book and start to read, sometimes checking for the name, after i have finished reading....lol, weird...

  2. It's not weird, you just don't need a book cover to pull you in : )