Friday, April 9, 2010

Subway Playlist: High School Jams

I was walking home from work and I heard Craig David and it reminded me of high school.
Home Science represent!

What what : )

Anywho, I want to put together a playlist of songs that take me back.

I’m nostalgic like that : )

These are some songs that I associate with HSASS every time I hear them:
  1. Vertical Horizon – Everything you want
  2. Craig David – Walking Away
  3. Ja Rule ft Ashanti – Always on Time
  4. Sisqo – Unleash the Dragon/ The Thong Song
  5. Lagbaja – Konko Below
  6. Boomkat – The Wreckoning
  7. Missy Elliot – Get Ur Freak On
  8. Aaliyah – More than a Woman

Which songs take you back to your high school days?


  1. Never heard everything you want & the wreckoning till now and i likey....but yes men, the rest of them songs were my songs...hell yeah Home Science representing hehehe

  2. That's right! I hear Get Ur Freak On and think of that dance you guys did for that Social : )

  3. HS for me would be - All the Puff/Mase remixes, 2 Pac, Biggie,...Lil Kim, Uncle Al, 2 Live Crew, Aaliyah...RKelly, Jon Secada, 112, Total, Foxy Brown, Eve 6...i know there's more...seriously but it was a long time ago. Damn that was a long time ago!