Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kim Kardashian Graces Lagos With Her Presence

I only uploaded this photo because I like that shirt. What? I'm not going to hate on Givenchy because she's wearing it!

First of all, read this because it's so on point.

So this post was written weeks ago and I'm just getting around to uploading it. It's not really relevant anymore but when has that ever stopped me from ranting?

Oh yes. There is a rant involved in this post.

Shall we begin?

Like many, I was surprised to learn Kim K was in Lagos. I stupidly thought she was there to sit on a panel for Social Media Week since it started the Monday after she was in Lagos.

See, social media played such an integral part in the success of the Kardashian brand, it would actually be interesting to hear what the reality star had to say about Twitter, Celebuzz and Instagram's contribution to her fame.

Alas, I gave my country and the Kardashian too much credit. Kim Kardashian wasn't there to talk to Nigeria's youth at a free event (silly Juwon), she was there to co-host a party for the premiere of some movie. A party attended by Nigeria's 1% because who else would spend N100,000 for a ticket?

Kim Kardashian was paid $500,000 to come to Lagos. The pregnant starlet was in Lagos for less than 24 hours. She stayed at the party long enough to say "Hey Naija" and then she left.

Now my fellow Nigerians are pissed. How dare she?!?

*This is where my rant begins.

 Don't be upset with Kim Kardashian people. She's a business woman and because you all seem to love her to the point of stupidity (Why though? I really want to know), she can demand $500,000 for an appearance.

And unless it was worked into her contract that she should stay at the party the whole time, she wasn't obligated to be there for long. Also, maybe the organizers should have brought her here to do something other than host a party. I'm guessing that would have cost more? Maybe she should have been asked to do something that would boost the tourism in Nigeria or at the very least been suitable for a photo op?

 If it was me, I would have negotiated a deal where she was photographed by the AP at one of Nigerian designer's studio or at Temple Muse (closed for her and her people so they wouldn't have to talk to the commoners). The caption would have read " Kim Kardashian explores the shopping scene in Lagos".

 Publicity, something we could have used. Something that could have appeared on or any international website or paper that would showcase Lagos's appeal as a tourist destination. While I'm just assuming, I highly doubt that crossed the organizers minds. Because, in my opinion, the people with the money don't think that way.

Be upset with the people in this country with billion dollar homes and village mentalities. These are the people who will do anything and spend anything to prove they have arrived. They are basic. They are rich but they are still low-classy. These are the people who have four brand new cars in their home and pay their househelp N7000 a month. These are the people who are trying to keep up with countries like the US and the UK but they refuse to do the work to get to that level.

Hey Nigeria, you skipped a few steps on your way to baller status. More than 5% of your citizens have to have enough food to eat to be considered a developed country. How about we fix that before we start paying people who are famous for nothing you can talk to your mother about to visit our country?

Let me ask this: did Nigerians expect an American reality star to be super-psyched at the idea of hosting a party in Lagos? Lagos is a metropolitan city with lots of promise. But she landed in our shitty airport, drove on our shitty roads and probably saw a few things that would shock any sheltered American. Maybe Kim K is wondering how she is getting paid $500,000 when the country is obviously impoverished.

Maybe I'm giving her too much credit.

At the end of the day, I really don't see why anyone should be upset. Kim K got half a million dollars for showing up and everyone who attended can brag about partying with a KARDASHIAN.

Keep on dreaming big Nigeria.

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