Monday, March 25, 2013

Dear Kanye West, Um... What Happened?

I listened to "All Falls Down" recently.

I think of the Kanye West of today, look at a pic of Kim Kardashian and get confused. As you may remember, the thought of them together had me bursting into laughter for weeks (click here for a refresher). Not because it was ludicrous but because it was perfect.

They really are perfect for each other.

 But that's because I forgot.

I forgot that before he got precious about fashion to the point of annoyance, before the VMAs, before he became a celebrity, Kanye was about the music and... the music was deep.

He was always a bit of a douche. Cocky and difficult. But no one would ever call him a loser.

Now, well... He's quickly turning into a bit of a loser, right? Like the type of celeb that you just dismiss because rolling your eyes at his antics takes up too much energy.

How sad that he's now someone who I think is perfect for Kim Kardashian.

Ugh, I really hate that I feel this way.

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