Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Real Men Drink Guinness

I love this ad so much, I take pictures of the billboards whenever I’m out.

Guinness is a staple in Nigeria. Every time I see this ad I think of my father and uncles (all manly men) sitting at the table, enjoying their stouts.

Imagine a bunch of manly men at a table. Now say “come drink at the table of men” but say it in a deep voice. Think Gerard Butler as Leonidus in 300.



  1. OMG! have you seen the commercial!??? It's perfect Ju.

    Will make you smile!

  2. being a big bos 2 my little ones the commercial touched me in a special reminds me of a whole lot,one of them is my obligations to my time 4 play play.I drink,talk and think at the table of men every day.