Friday, February 10, 2012

What Kind of Season Will We Get With Emily As Bachelorette?

I can’t wait for Emily’s season of “The Bachelorette”. Will it be the most boring season ever? How could it be? Look at her. Men get so stupid around pretty girls. Imagine the possibilities! The anticipation is killing me

I saw recent pictures of Emily with Ashley and Ali. Did she already get a Bachelor makeover? I didn’t think you could improve a Barbie but she’s even hotter now. The cake face is gone; she looks fresher. Her hair is all flowy and blonde, her boobs are fantastic, she’s tiny, she’s tan, she’s perfect. The men on her season are going to go ape-shit.

Will Emily live up to her rep as beautiful but frigid or will she be ridiculously fun to watch? I think we’ll see a different side. I think Emily will let her hair down a bit. She’s not going to slut it up (she’s a mother y’all) but she’s 25 and the guys will be on her turf for much of the “journey”. Team Bachelor has made this process a lot easier for her.

I read EW’s post in response to the news that Emily was the new bachelorette.

Should I feel bad for wanting the same hot mess shenanigans the show always delivers? It’s not like I don’t want the girl to find love; I’m not a complete bitch. But let’s get real: TV is for entertainment. The Bachelor/Bachelorette is a reality TV show. There are hundreds of less humiliating ways to find love so the way I see it, Emily is fair game.

What do you think Bachelor fans?

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