Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Emily Maynard Steals Ben Flajnik's Thunder.

I finally gave in and read Kristen Baldwin’s recaps of “The Bachelor” on Sounds like this season is interesting. Ben is a different kind of bachelor, Courtney’s a bitch and there are a lot of criers this season which is saying something considering the show I’m writing about.

Despite all of that, I’m okay with missing Ben’s season. I don’t mind finding out who’s going to end up with the hot, geeky, wine-maker on a blog. I can wait till I come back to New York to watch the episodes (it probably won’t be my number one priority but I will watch).

Why am I, a self-confessed Bachelor freak, so chill?

Emily is the new bachelorette. Her season is the season to watch.  In my eyes, Emily has already made Ben's season irrelevant which may have been intentional on Team Bachelor’s part since this season’s  ratings are so low.

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