Sunday, February 27, 2011

Welcome to my Room

The first thing I wanted to do when I got home from the airport was see the house. When my mom moved back to Nigeria in 1999, me and two of my siblings went with her. We moved out of the condo we spent all of our summers in (on Victoria Island) and moved to the house my parents bought in Alagbado.

If you're not from Nigeria, you may not understand the significance of this. My parents moved their Americanized children out to the sticks man! Moving from V.I. to Alagbado was like moving from Malibu to Backwater, Alabama!

It was hard to adjust and anything but comfortable but my parents found the land they needed to build their dream home. And it just happened to be in an area of Lagos that wasn't as developed as other parts. My parents added to an existing building so we moved from the boy's quarters to the guest house. After they finished gutting and rebuilding the main house, we moved into the first floor and they started working on the rest of the house. This all happened in the four years I lived there, before I went back to the states. Now the second floor is done.

It's been a long project for them but I'm so happy for my parents; they worked really hard to make their dreams a reality! The neighborhood has developed along with the house. I'm very happy to be an Alagbado resident.

Now, anyway : )

That's my desk/ vanity table. I tried to pack light but it still looks like I packed a suitcase of products! But at least I've put the table to good use since I've been home ; )

I would like a round of applause for only bringing five pairs of shoes with me (excluding my flip flops) Some people assume I'm going on safari when I tell them I'm going to Nigeria. But Lagos State is a far cry from the bush and we have metropolitan areas just like any other state. Besides, hiking boots aren't going to cut it; women here take their foot game seriously!

That's about it! My room is pretty bland and it sort of feels like a hotel room. I don't have any artwork on the walls and it's missing my piles of magazines and books but it's mine and it's big.

I love it so, I truly do : )

I want to show you guys how we get running water so look out for that post!

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