Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quarterlife Crisis?

So I posted a tongue-in-cheek status on Facebook basically asking God for a lottery win or a rich man. Obviously I was joking though in all honesty, I wouldn’t turn my nose up to millions of dollars or a rich man. If I had great chemistry with him. God knows I've dated my share of successful men with personalities that rivaled rocks.

Anyway, some people took my status for what it was: airing of my frustrations through humor.

It’s what I do.

Others, who I know meant well, threw the feminist bible at me. “You are a strong, independent woman”, “You don’t need a man”, “You are female, roar bitch, roar”.

Yes, yes I know I am a strong woman who is capable of moving mountains and reaching the stars blah blah blah.

But I’m tired. *whines*

I've been pushing myself for 8 years and I don't even know what my goal is anymore.

What do you do when the thrill of the hustle is gone?

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