Thursday, February 3, 2011

JMO but Really a Simple Fact: Black Women ARE Capable of Having Healthy Natural Hair

So I really hate the fact that I feel obligated to discuss this (it is 2011 after all) but I felt the need to add my two cents to a topic currently being discussed on black gossip sites.

So Tiffany "New York" Pollard from "Win a Date with Flava Flav", or whatever the show was called, recently posed for some photos as one of the celebrity faces of Image Cosmetics. The makeup was refreshingly understated but all eyes were on her full head of curls.

It looked cute and different and so much better than those horrendous wigs she used to rock so it must be fake.

So it really irritated me when I read some of the comments coming from readers on a black website:

"Natural looking afro wig. #yawn#"

"It's a wig..."

" Yeah right. notice she talks about a natural "look" and not her natural "hair". what girl rocking her natural hair talks about the "look"?!? it's all about the hair baby and that is clearly not hers.

She still looks nice with it though."

Because God knows there is no way she (a black woman) could decide to stop using a relaxer and grow her hair out to the healthy looking head of curls she's rocking.


Okay, I have nothing against wigs but I find it sad that black women seem to think it's an impossibility for someone to have pretty hair without using a relaxer or fake hair. It says a lot about our culture and none of those things are good. I didn't bother posting the more negative comments.

For the record, New York has been natural under her wigs for years.

If someone was curious about black women's natural hair, all they would have to do is go on Youtube. There are plenty of women of all shades and hair textures with big ol' afros.

Black on black hate is so lame.


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