Monday, October 18, 2010

This Week in Frivolity

  • This was not the best week for holy matrimony in Tinseltown. Seemingly solid couples Courtney Cox and David Arquette , Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman , Ben Harper and Julie Dern and former Mrs. Schuester Jessalyn Gilsig have all called it quits. I don’t have a snarky comment. Breaking up is hard and sad.

  • And now it’s being reported that Carey Mulligan and Shia Lebeouf have called it quits too. Boo : (

  • The first photo of Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe is making the internet rounds. Do you love it or hate it?

  • Everyone’s favorite View host, Elizabeth Hasselback, is joining Good Morning America. Yay?

  • Posh Spice reminds us that while her husband may sound like a little bitch, he’s still finer than the guys we hang with.

  • Size 10 Model Crystal Renn gets booked in three shows and claims the fashion industry is diversifying their models. Ha, okay.

  • Bachelorette stars Ali and Roberto have decided getting married immediately may not be such a great idea. This is smart considering they only dated for a couple of months before getting engaged.

  • Ohmygawd you guys! Ken Paves and Jessica Simpson really are fighting. Allegedly. I mean there were rumors of them you know like not talking but now it’s gone to a totally different level because he won’t even do her HAIR anymore. Whatisshegonnado? Anyone with internet knows what Jessica Simpson’s hair looks like when she doesn’t have her mane man hooking it up. I’m really gutted over this.

  • In repetitive but similar news, Jessica Simpson is in love. Again.

  • Wanna see Demi Lovato go all “oh no you didn’t bitch” on a reporter for Miley Cyrus? Here ya go. The chick didn’t even have a chance to insult her.

  • Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are parents to a baby boy. The sure to be cutie, Egypt Daoud Dean, was born on Oct. 14 in New York City. Congrats to the couple.

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