Friday, October 1, 2010

Are Logos Tacky?

I read this NY Times Style article a while back about logos and I thought I'd present it to the Court of Lovelyish for debate.

Did you read it? Okay, I move on to my argument.

With the risk of sounding blunt, I think logos are tacky as hell. Like Ed Hardy and Uggs with sweats. In my opinion, the only thing worse than a Coach or Louis Vuitton purse, is a fake one.

Now, I'm not rich nor do I own a wardrobe that would make Blair Waldorf cry with envy. None of my purses are designer.

I just happen to believe purses like Coach and Louis Vuitton are used as status symbols. And I don't get it because if you ask me, they're eight levels of fugly. Not to mention the fact that according to this Journal of Consumer Research paper, expensive products use more discreet markers, such as distinctive design or detailing. So if you're trying to show off how much paper you got, you're doing a crappy job of it.

Why not spend your money on a bag that will be cheaper and not make you look like a walking advertisement for the brand?

Let me also say, I am not against designer labels. I am currently saving up my pennies so I can buy myself a Lauren by Ralph Lauren handbag that I have been eyeing for months now. But that's because I am in love with fashion and the craftsmanship behind it. The bag will probably outlast my car.

I'm not going to spend my money on Louis Vuitton just so everyone can see I can afford it. I'd much rather spend a lot less on a very nice bag that doesn't scream label whore.

Now if you just happen to love the way logo bags look, more power to you. And errr, sorry for the disses. I wear headbands with big bows and sequins. It's all relative, right?

Do you buy Louis Vuitton because it's Louis Vuitton?


  1. I believe we are pretty much bred to purchase items based on brand alone. Not that LV is quality, it is, but it can't be all that much better than the next quality purse.

    "Then I spent $400 bucks on this. Just to be like nigga you ain't up on this." - Kanye West

  2. I followed you on Twitter if it's cool. @minusthebars

  3. i think its tacky...i did a post on it for the mag in Nigeria... they are getting replaced tho, no more big Logos, will get one of those

  4. Both Louis Vuitton and Coach have other purses but they're known for the logo handbags. Some would say it's classic but I disagree.

    It's always great to get a male and female perspective : )