Monday, October 25, 2010

What Do You Use for Your Pits?

The world of beauty is an intimidating one. It feels like there are a gazillion products on the market right now dedicated to enlarging this and minimizing that, highlighting and contouring this feature, covering up that flaw.

It's exhausting.

One area of the body I wish people actually dedicated more time to? Underarms. Yes, I want more than a few Dove commercials.

See the problem is I’m human and I sweat. I wouldn't say I have apocalyptic body odor (I bathe daily) but I am a little obsessive compulsive about smells and have been known to do armpit checks throughout the day.

Here's the other problem: I am very anal about what I put on my body. Yes, I'm one of those "the skin is the biggest organ, chemicals should not be touching it, if you wouldn't eat it why would you lather it on" snobs. See, Aluminum Chlorohydrate is one of the most common active ingredients in commercial antiperspirants. It’s also linked to Alzheimer’s disease and Breast cancer. So Secret or Degree just isn’t going to cut it.

I purchased an organic deodorant called Crystal Essence! It’s made of natural mineral salts and the one I bought is “infused with the refreshing aroma of pomegranate”. It’s supposed to create an invisible protective barrier against odor protecting bacteria and the pomegranate is supposed to promote skin regeneration. Sounds promising, right? It also doesn’t hurt that Crystal Essence is endorsed by Cancer Treatment Centers.

When I started using this product I loved it but I didn't want to write a review before giving it some time to fail me. Nine months later, I can say that while it's not the perfect product, it's a great alternative. Keep in mind that this product is not an anti-perspirant but a deodorant. So its job is to make your pits smell good and that it does. It hasn't kept things under the arms dry.

Huge Pro:

My armpits look fantastic so I guess all that talk about pomegranate promoting skin regeneration is true. Other deodorants irritated my skin and made it feel clammy to the touch. Crystal Essence has not only taken care of the clammy skin problem but it's minimized the discoloration under there too.

Huge Con:

It really does nothing to prevent me from sweating which is unfortunate. I reapply the product throughout the day. So if you’re like me and you’re used to wearing an anti-perspirant, natural deodorants take some getting used to.

That’s all folks.

As always, if anyone finds a better product, let me know por favor.

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