Friday, January 20, 2012

Do We Want Izzie Back At Seattle Grace?

Katherine Heigl would love to return to “Grey’s Anatomy”.  But do we want her back?

Yes. No. Maybe.

God, I love Izzie and would love to see her back on Grey’s because I miss her on Grey’s. I really, really do. My heart broke when she left (click here). But the lady who plays her is so annoying. Tell me what to feel guys.

While she's probably banking, Heigl's career has been sucking lately from a creative standpoint. She's been in one shitty film after the next. And I don't get it.

She is a great actress; why is she agreeing to star in these atrocious films? Why is she such a smug bitch in interviews? Why is she making it so hard to root for her?


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