Friday, March 26, 2010

Subway Playlist: I Hate You Edition

  1. Taylor Swift - You're Not Sorry
  2. Soko - I'll Kill Her
  3. Lit - Miserable
  4. Kelis - Caught Out There
  5. The Wreckers - Leave the Pieces
  6. Michelle Branch - Are You Happy Now
  7. Hole - Violet
  8. Lisa Loeb - How
If you're all filled with lovey dovey feelings, go away.

If you're angry, welcome!

I need help with my "Love Will Make You Miserable" playlist. Any suggestions?

Note: Less "woe is me" and more "grrrrr, I hate you."

Give me your picks for angry songs about love.


  1. i did a post on that like 2 Mondays ago...i hope all is well, love *hugs*

  2. Seriously? I didn't see that post. Do you have any suggestions for songs? I don't really have much on my playlist.