Monday, March 22, 2010

JMO: Health Care Reform Bill Passes

As I watched C-Span with my sister and roommates, I listened as representatives from both parties validated their stance on health care in the United States. I listened; I didn’t snicker, or make snide comments or boo. Granted, I did get a little heated when the representatives snickered, made snide comments and booed.

Really people, how old are you guys?

Anyway, the health care reform bill has been passed. People are happy but a lot of people are very very upset.

I realize the bill isn’t perfect yet. I understand people who have insurance don’t want to lose their doctors. I understand it’s a “democrat bill.” While I won’t pretend to be an authority on this topic, I know this much:
I am an American citizen without health care. I’m not a “lazy American who doesn’t work enough.” I have worked steadily since I was sixteen. Working my way up to better jobs and better pay, I finally worked for a company that provided insurance to their employees. Then I got laid off last February and am once again without insurance because I can’t afford it.

I am one of those people Nancy Pelosi talked about last night; I am afraid to get sick. Luckily, I haven’t been sick but I also haven’t had a regular doctor’s checkup in over a year. Before I worked for a company that provided insurance, I was uninsured for more than five years. I have cavities but I can’t afford to get them filled yet. My glasses need to be replaced with a stronger prescription but I can’t afford to change them. I’ve grown accustomed to doing without when it comes to health care but it would be nice to see a doctor when I need one.

I can’t be the only person who feels this way.

What do you think of the bill being passed?


  1. You are not and although i am not american and so have had to pay out my ass for required insurance, there are so many people like you, people who work , that cant afford to do regular yes this was a good bill, and i hope it gets better

  2. Hooray for a vote toward health care and a glimmer of civilization.

    Why are Republican politicians insisting on acting less than human?

    Hopefully, medicine will become less a privilege in the bills and changes to come. Hopefully.

  3. What we need is time. It's going to take time for people to see the positive changes this administration is making. Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of time. People want a quick fix for a huge problem : (