Sunday, March 14, 2010

How You Living?

Wassup home skillets!?! What's poppin' lockin'? Yo...
It is so nice to be writing again.
I've been feeling awfully disconnected without putting words down on paper, typing something. It's funny; I never really thought twice about pursuing journalism or any kind of writing career growing up. It was my mom who encouraged me to go this route. I wanted to be a fashion designer!
Anywho, I have to update you guys on the last month. For someone who loves writing so much, I was gone for a while. I hope you’ll bear with me as I play catch up for the next few days. It’s been insane fun for me here in New York. I’m learning a lot at Harper’s Bazaar and I was finally in town for New York Fashion Week! When Fashion Week takes place in the fashion capitals of the world, I am happier than a jock during March madness. I am attached to my computer, constantly refreshing,, ANY website with photos of designers’ lines. So I’m going to attach two of the articles I wrote for your reading pleasure. I hope you guys enjoy them : )

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