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New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010: A Chat with Tippi Shorter

I look forward to New York Fashion Week every year; it releases all of my endorphins, leaving me giddy for weeks afterwards. So when sent me to the Mackage show to get the scoop on the latest and greatest in hair and makeup for our readers, I was giddier than Kim Kardashian in a wedding shop! It is, after all, the last time the tents will be at Bryant Park before the shows are moved to the Lincoln Center. It is also more fun than any person should be allowed to have while working!
Trekking slowly through the snow in my ugly but sensible boots, I passed the much braver women in stilettos, entered the backstage area – where makeup artists and hairstylists were primping the already flawless models – and made my way over to Avon stylist and Alicia Keys’ mane lady, Tippi Shorter. After taking a quick coffee break (Tippi showed up for work at 6:00 a.m. this after her flight from the Brazil set of Keys’ new video), the hair genius took some time backstage to talk shop with me.

AMBERmag: What inspired you to go with this?
Tippi Shorter: Well I didn’t do the look. Anthony did the look, he’s right over there. He met with the Mackage team and they decided that the look should be sexy, sophisticated but a little rough so they wanted 2 day old hair or the night or the day after. So the day after a night on the town look.
AM: Okay I like that!
TS: So it’s kind of like the walk of shame, you know the hair was beautiful, looked chic and glamorous and after she just kind of put it in a ponytail to go home. And the Advanced Techniques products are perfect to create this look. We used the anti frizz serum, the holding spray and the shaping gel.
AM: Advanced Techniques?
TS: Yeah Advanced Techniques for Avon. All the products kind of worked in conjunction to give the hair this look … cuz it’s early in the morning and the girls came in this morning with freshly cleaned hair so we used it to give them that day old …
AM: That little messy look?
TS: The done but not too done look.
AM: What about for people like me who’ll want to go home and try to recreate this; what do I need to do to basically get this look?
TS: You need a good flatiron, um a really great brush, a great holding spray and a serum spray; probably gel and… so step by step, is that what you want?
AM: Ofcourse!
TS: You start with a deep side part. So basically you would start from the outer corner of the eyebrow all the way back to the neckline but you’re going diagonally.
AM: Okay.
TS: So you’re basically putting the hair in two totally different sections.
AM: Okay.
TS: So the section that is smaller, the smaller part, you’re gonna secure that into a ponytail on the side where the bangs aren’t. You’re gonna kind of mess it up with your fingers to give it that rough, messy slept in look.
AM: Bed head?
TS: Exactly. And then you’re going to take the second section which is the bangs section and put the hair over one eye and then wrap it around the ponytail and then secure it and then finish it off with some holding spray.
AM: And that’s it?
TS: That’s it.
AM: What happens with women of color with like natural hair? If they flat iron their hair to get a straight look, can they use these products?
TS: Absolutely, you can definitely pull this off with wavy hair; not necessarily with curly hair because the part is too deep but if you hair is flat ironed it can be done.
AM: Alright as far as trends for fall, what do you see happening? What do you think is going to be the “thing” as far as hair goes fall 2010?
TS: You know as far as hair goes everything just gets reinvented like in the spring/summer we saw texture, a lot of updos surprisingly.
AM: Yeah.
TS: Then we saw lots of free flowing, free spirited hair and now we’re going back to more control for fall. It’s a little sleeker, a little chicer, a little smoother, shinier, more control. So I think what we’ll see happening is we’ll have to control some of the free spirit; so the style isn’t too confined. It’s like style the hair and then mess it up.
AM: Okay, a little structure but not a complete control freak look.
TS: I would say style your hair and then I would say mess it up.
AM: Okay.
TS: So the overall look is totally pretty but then it has that roughness to it.
AM: I have a question about your hair now.
TS: Go ahead.
AM: I love your hair, you have no idea. It’s so pretty and I’ve tried replicating it at home but I fail epically every time. What is your secret?
TS: Curling iron.
AM: Curling iron, really? How? I’ve always wanted curls like that but it just never happened for me.
TS: I wish I had that wash and go stuff unfortunately, I do not. I have a wash, dry, curl, go style so!
AM: Well it’s beautiful.
TS: Thank you.
AM: What’s your must have product, like cannot live without?
TS: Serum.
AM: Serum?
TS: Yeah, I’m the fan of a few different brands; I’m not committed to any one brand but there is one that I’m currently using actually Avon has these little capsules. I wish they had them here but they don’t. They literally come in little capsules that look like goldfish, it’s so cute and you break off the tail
AM: And you only need that one?
TS: Yeah, I have a lot of hair and the one really kind of satisfies all my hair.
AM: Okay.
TS: And what’s that called?
AM: Advanced Techniques Anti-frizz capsules serum.
TS: Okay well, thank you! Thank you so much; it’s such an honor meeting you.
AM: You too.

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