Saturday, January 30, 2010


Does anyone else find it incredibly pointless when a person declares "FIRST" in the comment section of a post?

I ask myself this every time I visit a blog and peruse the comments section so I have written a letter to those who feel the need to participate in the "first declaration."

Dear First Declarers,

What does one get for being "first"? Is it the gratification of knowing your joblessness paid off? Is it knowing you were able to show the world that you've been waiting more obsessively than anyone else for a new post to pop up so you could validate your life somehow?

Or am I missing the bigger picture?

Please advise.




  1. i don't think they do it cos they are jobless, i have done it a couple times myself....i think its for peoples blogs where they have a lot of comments, usually cos you are infact busy, you get to see it a lot later - when you happen to see it first, you want to quickly state people do a lot of competitions and give awards for commenting you know...but thats jmo, lol...

  2. People give out awards for that? Shit, which ones? Sign me up!

  3. lol, yea free clothes, free makeup - it can be fun lol