Wednesday, January 13, 2010

College Graduate in Need of Direction

I didn't sign up for this shit.

As many of you know, I recently jumped the major hurdle called college. That’s right bitches; someone’s actually going to give me a degree.

Hahaha, suckers.

Once upon a time my parents didn’t think I would make it to high school let alone college (something about my inability to listen and respect authority). But I managed to go through the conventional growing up steps unscathed. I did it when many people thought I wouldn’t.
Yeah… I don’t really know where that leaves me.

I’m now in the position many young people find themselves in; jobless in a shitty economy with pockets full of dreams and the disappointing realization that the master plan may not pan out.

As a graduate I get asked the same question by every person I talk to: “what’s next?”

“What’s next” sounds simple enough; it’s a broad question. But when people ask a recent graduate “what’s next” they actually mean “so do you have a job? Why don’t you have a job? Do you plan on getting a job or living off daddy and mommy? You thought graduating was going to be fun, huh; life as an adult? Ha, welcome to the big leagues kid! It’s all downhill from here!”

What’s next!?! I don’t freaking know people; I don’t have a map! My god, the pressure…


So what now? Do we take what we can get and risk getting stuck with jobs we hate because it pays the bills or do we say damn the man and keep on working towards our dreams, surviving on hope and ramen?

Can we afford to be picky when employment opportunities are scarce? I guess not. But we can’t afford to be submissive either. Going through life unsatisfied with it is unacceptable.

What’s next? I don’t have the answer but I know sacrificing happiness for comfort isn’t it.


  1. Agreed, just keep looking and praying - the Lord will come thru for u