Friday, January 29, 2010

Who Would've Thought? Virginity Up for Sale

I'm a little late with this but better late than never right?

A Northern Ireland teen wants to sell her virginity. Here's the article.

It's prostitution but is it her right to give up her v-card to the highest bidder so she benefits in some way?

I don't know so I'm asking you.

By the way, she gets points off for lack of originality. The whole virginity for sale idea is so last year.


  1. know i never heard about either of these, apparently there have been a few of these...wowzer....i always said, how if push had ever come to shove i would have been bold to sell myself for sex- thankfully it never came to that and still i doubt that i would have ever...still @ 16 yr old, her story doesn't hold value...

  2. Yeah, it boggles the mind. What happened to working at McDonalds as a teenager? Is that passe now?