Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I read an awesome and way too short Lainey interview (click here) a while back and in it, she answered Madonna when asked who her idol was growing up.

That got me to thinking: who was my idol when I was a kid/pre-teen?

I couldn't think of anyone, guys.

Ask me who my crush was back then and Leonardo DiCaprio comes to mind immediately (preferably as Romeo but I was an equal opportunity Leophile).

Back then I never really had posters up in my room or obsessed over getting my hair to look exactly like a certain star's or anything like that. I blame this on the absence of cable television in our house.

I also think I was much more interested in characters than the people playing them when I was a child.

For example, if I was asked which fictional heroines I looked up to when I was younger I could immediately tell you: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Hands down. No competition. At all.

Ask me what I thought of Sarah Michelle Gellar and I wouldn't have much to say on that front because I just didn't care.

Am I alone in this? Who did you guys look up to growing up?

I sometimes wonder how social media is going to affect kids and the idol culture. I think our society's fascination with celebrity has heightened to the point where people are more interested in Nina Dobrev than they are in Elena Gilbert.

Speaking of idols, Lainey aka "my everything", posted a birthday shout-out after I wrote her an email like the giant fan-girl I am. 

I guess we never grow out of it, huh?

I requested pics of some of my favorite pop culture heroines and she obliged. She also wrote some really nice things that made my day. Check it out here.

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