Wednesday, April 11, 2012

William Levy Gets Around

Though I'm in a different country, I'm discovering William Levy around the same time as a lot of non-spanish speaking Americans in the United States. They can thank Dancing with The Stars for the discovery but I have to thank Galaxy TV and their telenovela habit. Right now I'm watching Levy's hot ass in two of them; Triunfo Del Amor and Sortilegio.

Oh my god, he's so pretty. Too pretty. Probably a douche. But...I just want to touch his face.

And I want him to carry me like I weigh nothing because he looks like he can.


What does he sound like on Dancing with the Stars? I'll die if he sounds like David Beckham.

As far as his acting goes, I can't really comment. Both shows are dubbed over in English and that takes away so much. Not to mention the fact that soap operas are,well, soap operas. But from what I can tell, he's not bad at all.

I'm curious to see what Dancing does for Levy's career. Obviously actors don't need Hollywood's stamp of approval to justify their work but that's obviously what the Cuban actor wants. With the appearance in J.Lo's music video, the Dancing gig and the People cover, Levy is trying to transition. Will he succeed?

I have no idea but I think it's amazing that because of his presence on Nigerian television, people here are more likely to lose their shit over seeing him than they are over Jon Hamm.

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