Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In Jesus Name, DIE!!!

With my dad sick, a lot of family members and neighbors have been praying for him and having their pastors call to pray for him as well which is sweet and appreciated.

Some people have even sent their pastors to our house which, you know, is still appreciated but weird. Or am I weird for thinking that? Maybe it's the American in me.

In the last week, we've had over six pastors in our house.

Today's pastors came from The Mountain of Fire church.  The two men went to the living room where my dad was resting and they gave the rest of us (me, Mom, an uncle and an aunt) an outline of what was going to go down (prayer of thanks, some praise songs and then down to the nitty-gritty).

So we're praying and then singing and then the pastor asks us to pray that God has mercy on my dad which made me giggle because the way one guy was saying "have mercy" over and over, my mom was saying "in jesus name" over and over and another guy was just saying "mercy" over and over reminded me a lot of that episode of Potter Puppet Pals.

Anyway, we got to the point where the pastor said something along the lines of "now we will pray that those who have orchestrated Daddy's sickness for their benefit die."

Before I had time to process that,  it started: "In Jesus Name, DIEEEEE!" Over and over again. With someone just screaming "DIE".

I felt like I was listening to death metal.

It seemed to last forever and just when I thought it would never end, we moved on to the next prayer point. Which ended up being a variation of the last one. In fact, almost every prayer point after that involved death to anyone who wished my dad harm.

Oh my dear lord. Guys, I couldn't stop laughing.  I. Could. Not. Stop.

I certainly pray people who don't have my family's best interest in mind stay away but I can't really justify praying for someone to bite the bullet. But two pastors can. And that is what is so twisted about religion, the way people can justify something truly awful by bringing God into it.

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