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Interviews are Fun; Joy Adaeze.

Yo homies, I had the opportunity to interview my fab friend (who's also a kick-ass stylist) Joy for Style House Files recently. Click here to check it out.

I love interviews so much! It's a huge part of why I became a writer;  I'm a nosy bitch who wants to know everything about everyone.

Anyway, I had a blast interviewing Joy because she's a pretty fearless chick. And she's also a sweetheart.

Here's the interview below:

She mixes prints like nobody’s business, has a great collection of sunnies, is frequently featured on street style blogs and has been covered by New York Times, Italian Vogue and ESSENCE magazine. Did I mention that she gets to dress people for a living?

I’m talking about stylist/image consultant Joy Adaeze! The fab Nigerian-American is living and breathing fashion; styling shoots for publications like Fashizblack, ESSENCE and Blu as well as writing for ESSENCE, Huffington Post-Black Voices and Heritage and she documents it all on her website joylovesfashion.

We’re huge fans and thrilled the fashionista took time out of her busy schedule to talk to SHF about making her passion a career, her favorite job so far and her ridiculous manis and pedis.

SHF: Soooooo, how did you get your start as a stylist?

JA: I got my start as a stylist by interning at Womens Wear Daily. It was amazing assisting the editors there. A fabulous learning experience. After that, I assisted fashion expert Constance White on NBC fashion segments. This was a dream come true for me, as I had admired Constance for a long time!  My goal in the near future is to do fashion commentary on tv- stay tuned for that!

SHF: To date what/who has been your favorite styling job?

JA: My contemporary African themed shoot that I did for Parisian magazine- Fashizblack. Being Nigerian, working with gorgeous African prints is always a thrill. We used designers like Jewel by Lisa, L.A.M.B. and Tory Burch. The photos came out beautifully and the magazine loved it too!

SHF: You could teach a class on accessorizing. Name one item you absolutely cannot leave the house without?

JA: A statement necklace!

SHF: You wear the coolest sunglasses. How many do you own and which ones are your favorites?

JA: I love shades!!! I have over 30 pairs : ) My fav are by Mercura, Urban Outfitters & Vintage brands

SHF: Anyone who reads your blogs knows you're a fearless dresser. Do you plan what you're going to wear way in advance or are you looking in the closet right before you leave your apartment?

JA: I usually am a "grab n' go" dresser! I never plan ahead, unless it's for a big event. I actually love the excitement of getting ready in a rush. It brings a fun unexpected feel to your outfit. All of my New York Fashion Week looks were chosen in under 10 mins as I scrambled around my bedroom, pressed for time! They were also my most fun outfits and I had the great pleasure of being featured in New York Times, Italian Vogue, Daily Candy and a bunch of other great sites. Fabulous : )

SHF: What does your "kicking it at home on a Saturday" uniform consist of?

JA: I like fun prints, vibrant colors and unexpected pieces. You'll find me in a turban and a cute sundress with sandals and loads of accessories!

SHF: You're at the airport waiting for a flight; do you go for comfy clothes or for Posh-worthy attire?

JA: I like to mix the two for what I call "casual fab". This can be a great pair of jeans, a silk top and sleek leather flats. Add a fabulous bag and you're good to go!

SHF: Now that the weather is warming up in New York, which trend will you be rocking this spring?

JA: Crop Tops!!!!!!

 SHF: As a successful stylist, what advice would you give those who want to follow suit?

JA: Find an internship working for a stylist or a magazine that you admire. Learn as much as you can and never be afraid to ask questions or for advice. People want to help but they have to know that you need it. Be sure to keep in touch with everyone. In this industry, connections are essential!

SHF: Can we switch gears for a second and talk beauty? Because your nails are works of art and we're kind of obsessed. Do you let your manicurist (celebrity nail artist Naomi Yasuda) know what you want, let her do her thing or is it more of a collaborative effort?

JA: It's a collabo! I give her an overall idea and we'll give ideas back and forth as we go along! She is truly the best! I love her!

SHF: Last but not least, what's in your makeup bag right now?

JA: I am and always will be a lipstick addict! My favs in my bag right now are Makeup Forever #36 (my trademark magenta color), MAC's Russian Red (gorgeous matte red!) and Estee Lauder's Cherry Kiss (an amazing pinky-red in a fabulous gold case!) I looove vibrant lipstick!!

Feel free to style-stalk Joy as much as we do on her site, and you can follow her on Twitter too  @joyadaeze.

You're welcome.

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