Thursday, October 9, 2014

Moving Forward.

One of the biggest shifts in my way of thinking has been the realization that my faith does not exempt me from heartache. Being Christian does not make me special. It seems like a simple enough notion but truly understanding that shit happens regardless of whether you are good or not was a straight-up epiphany.

 Being "good" doesn't mean God, or the universe, or whatever sovereign power, owes me. My faith is not the secret to a life void of heartache. And that shouldn't be the motivation anyway. You can be the most God-fearing person in the world and bad crap may still happen. And that's what we call life.

It's what we do when life isn't all rosy that really matters.These days, my biggest prayer-point is to ask for the strength to get through whatever life decides to throw at me that day. I ask that I never lose my desire to live, that I'm never made bitter by my circumstances, I pray for the strength to always do the right thing, to make compassionate decisions regardless of how many times I've been burned.

I'll tell ya guys, it's a fucking process.

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