Sunday, December 20, 2009

R.I.P. Brittany Murphy

"Cher, I don't want to do this anymore. And my buns: they don't feel nothin' like steel." - Brittany Murphy's Tai, Clueless.

I think it’s just devastating that I’m writing about death. It’s sad enough when people die of old age but Brittany Murphy is dead at thirty two? It just doesn’t make much sense.
While there are tons of rumors flying around about the cause of death, I’d much rather take the time to focus on Murphy’s career as an actress. She may not have been an “it girl” these past few years but her resume is still pretty impressive. No one can deny how talented Brittany Murphy was.
While I’m incredibly partial to her role as Tai (my love for Clueless runs deep), I think my favorite Brittany Murphy movie is Little Black Book. I loved her as Stacy. But that’s just me; I’d love to read about everyone else’s favorite Brittany Murphy role.

Do you have a favorite Brittany Murphy movie/role?

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