Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dang, You Smell Good Gurrrrrrrrl

I’ve always wanted to be a smelly girl.

Now when I write smelly, I don’t mean New York in the Summer smelly; I mean Oh Wow, She Smells Lovely, Is That Chanel smelly.

People, I am talking about perfumes or eau de toilettes. I see a delicate bottle of perfume and I think of my glamorous mother getting ready for a party. I automatically associate it with being a woman. I mean check out Monica Belluci in that Dolce ad. There's my proof right there.

I’ve never really worn perfumes or sprays but I think it’s time for a change. I am, after all, a college graduate now. I’m legally allowed to drink in public, I have bills. I’m a woman dang it. I want a signature scent. My mother has a scent. My older sisters have scents; I want one toooo (stomps feet and sucks thumb).

Here’s the problem: I have a sensitive nose so I can’t wear anything that’s going to bring on the sniffles. Does anyone have recommendations for a light spray/ perfume that smells clean but not like soap, pretty but not too girly, kind of sexy but not desperate?

How did you find your signature scent?


  1. thing is i'm exactly like you - i have no signature scents and perfumes make me sneeze but i do recommend any Lancome perfume - very nice, it lasts and doesn't make me sneeze - also i really like Britney Spears, yes Britney Spears they r surprisingly very if only i can be bothered to use them.... good luck

  2. Thanks girlie! I'll definitely try them out : )

  3. I love Vera Wang's Princess. It has a light, sweet (but not too sickly sweet)flowery smell and isn't overpowering.

  4. I heard that was a good one. I just love their ads with Camille Belle and Zoe Kravitz : )