Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Eating my Feelings

Some of you already know this but I’m currently master cleansing (I’ll explain why and everything else in tomorrow’s post, readers).

I didn’t feel the need to write on Days 1, 2 or 3 because I was feeling pretty good. Today, however, is a totally different story. I was craving food a bit yesterday but it wasn’t terrible.

Today is different. All I’m thinking about is food! But something happened today that makes me wonder why I'm craving food.

I received a text from my mom this morning saying my grandfather passed away. I’m upset but I’m not going to fake a relationship that I never had with the man. I, unfortunately, didn’t know my grandfather very well.

If I’m honest with myself, the tears and the loss I feel is because I will never get a chance to know the man who helped bring my favorite person into the world. That sucks and now I want food.

So I stayed home today just because I wasn’t up to going to work. I wanted to be able to talk to family and cry without having to run out of my cubicle at Internship # 4.

But staying home was a huge mistake. I was thinking I could clean my room or do some work but I couldn’t concentrate so I decided to forget about my life for a while and watch some soaps. The thing I forgot was how soap operas have commercials and an alarming amount of commercials are advertising some kind of food.

So now, I have Ferrero Rocher chocolates on my mind. Not to mention the fact that my dear neighbor Mr. B brought over a loaf of fresh baked bread that is currently taunting me from the freezer. And I have two chunks of pineapple left in my fridge from last week.

In short, I want fooooooooooood.


4 days almost down, 11 days to go (though I’m seriously considering stopping after Day 10).


  1. R u not eating at all, or what? p.s. i need some advice for the master cleanse except i'm not a vegetarian and cannot not eat at all...lol...help

  2. Yeah, I don't eat anything. Some people eat fruit or veggies but you're not meant to.
    This is my favorite site:

    That's the recipe but if you want to eat, there are other cleanses. Prune juice and the one I want to try comes courtesy of Gwyneth Paltrow:

    Message me if you have any questions, I do recommend it because you'll feel great after but I'm miserable right now : (