Saturday, October 3, 2009


Hi readers!

I know it's been forever and I'm neglecting my blogging duties. It's been an insane couple of months and I'm just trying to sort some things out. Bear with me please!

As you can see, I've changed the site a bit. My Mighty Pen is no longer (weeps)!

Why you ask? Well for one, I googled it to see how many pages it took for my blog to pop up. Color me surprise when I saw that everyone and their mothers had a blog with that name! Boo : (

Reason #2 happens to be because it was time for a change. You like?

By the way, I played around with lots of names. All That Glitters, One Enlightened Chick, Clothes, Books and Gloss; My Mighty Pen was briefly My Mighty Laptop! I finally settled on Nogobelieve. For now...

What can I say, I'm picky and I want this blog to rock everyone's socks off! So, expect more changes and expect more posts!

Yes, more than zero : )

I will be back soon!


  1. lol at the diff names.....change is good babe, sometimes....

  2. Lol, yeah. My neurosis won't allow me to just stick with something normal. Nogobelieve is the only name I can think no one else will think of for a while. I"m knocking on wood as I write that : )