Thursday, July 23, 2015

One Of The Many Reasons Why My Sister Is Amazing.

Do you have someone in your life that puts things into perspective for you? I bitch a lot about working hard but my freelance-writing ass has nothing on my sister Shola. This woman has three degrees and works three jobs. She's also the founder of an organization called Public Art Nigeria.

Public Art uses different art mediums to teach students about topics like civil rights, healthy habits and sanitation. The students are a mix of kids from different economical backgrounds. Some of them have never taken an art class before while others have been drawing for years. All of them are incredibly passionate about what they're learning.  Shola has picked artists who are just as passionate about teaching. Some of them are Nigerian while other artists visit from different countries.

So Shola recently announced that four of her students were accepted into a Pre-College Summer Academy program at Parsons. This is a big deal for the students, their families and the organization. This is huge! It's the Project Runway school, you guys! It's New York City! It's an opportunity for these students to learn from the best and immerse themselves in a different culture.

Shola has managed to run her organization by herself, often paying for plane tickets and art supplies out of pocket (hence the many jobs). She loves what she does and I love her for it. She has a lot of the expenses covered for the trip but she needs some support.
I can confidently say art has done a lot for me and has shaped me into the person I am today. Because of that, I'm donating $100. I'm not asking anyone to match my donation (but if you do, high-five!) I am asking that you consider donating something. It's so awesome to see people doing good in this crazy world we live in.

I am so excited to see where my sister's students end up and how the experiences and opportunities they are receiving shape them. Please check out to read more about the work Shola is doing, her tribe of artists and the organization.

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