Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Disney's Minority Quota.

‎My sister's mother-in-law who is like a second mom to me, gifted me with the cutest Disney Princesses lunchbox.

Disclaimer:  I am not a Disney Princess girl. I'm not a Disney anything (Disney World is what I imagine hell is like). So to my friends out there, do not get me Disney stuff for Christmas.

It was a really sweet gift. It's pink and it has all the princesses on the front and as I looked down at it I thought, "aww".

Then I thought, "Why was Princess Jasmine bounced for Princess Tiana?"

This is what the lunch box looks like: 

Right?!? Where is Princess Jasmine? I LOVED Aladdin (RIP Genie) because it's awesome and since Disney took it's damn time creating a princess that was black, Princess Jasmine was the closest thing to relatable when it came to melanin. 

So now that little black girls have a princess that looks like them, little middle eastern girls are shit out of luck?

Is there some sort of quota I'm not aware of?

Here's another Disney Princess lunchbox:

I'm totally judging you, Disney.

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