Monday, May 13, 2013

JMO: Masturbation Could Save Nigeria.

I posted a status update on my Facebook during church yesterday. Just because... well I don't really know.

I'm usually not one to post every thought running through my mind but yesterday, I reacted to a situation that exasperated me and I shared these thoughts:

Today's sermon is about the evils of masturbation.

I knew I should have stayed home today.

I, of course, know how polarizing a comment like that is. Sex is private and talking about it openly makes people uncomfortable. On top of that, half of my friends on Facebook are Nigerian and the other half are American. Without generalizing too much, I've noticed that my Nigerian friends tend to be much more conservative than my American friends.

Anyway, I posted a status about masturbation. Comments weren't negative and mostly ranged from a neutral "interesting" to a to fist-bumping "walk out".

I did, however, receive some phone calls and messages laughingly chiding me and flat-out asking me to explain myself and my stance on "self-love".

Since I have a blog, why not share my thoughts with the three of you who still read it?

I think masturbation is a) healthy b) no one's business c) something the church and other religious institutions should not demonize, especially to youths.

I think it's unrealistic to tell a bunch of horny teenagers not to masturbate.

I think it's dangerous to preach "abstinence or hell".

I think teaching "masturbation is evil" is why you have people having sex that don't know how to use condoms.

I think teaching "masturbation is evil" is why STDs and unwanted pregnancies are so prevalent in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

I think having someone tell you "masturbation is evil and leads you to have sexual desires and this causes women to dress provocatively and in turn get harassed, men to cheat on their wives with the maid, people to have sex with animals" (paraphrasing but these are all points the pastor made) is not only dangerous but on another level of stupid.

I think that teaching "masturbation is evil" leads to all types of issues in life and a general discomfort with one's body.

I think that sexual desires are healthy and normal as human beings.

When I'm a mother, I'd rather my kids masturbate to take care of their urges than have them have sex before they're ready.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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