Monday, August 1, 2011

Birthday Wishes and Champagne Kisses

So my birthday was Sunday July 31. I'm 25 now!

I've been looking forward to this birthday since I was a teen and I had everything planned out because that's what I do; I plan my future out like I know exactly how things are going to turn out for me.

So when being out of a job for four months, not being able to go home to have the birthday party I wanted and not having my parents around to celebrate with me kind of put a damper on my mood, my sister and friends rallied around me and forced me to have a good time.

And I did. I spent the day eating a yummy breakfast, getting a mani-pedi and watching Roswell (perfection). In the evening, I wore my new "grown and sexy dress", went out and had a great time.

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday special. I love you guys <3

So was turning 25 a huge change? Actually yes. No, I'm not sitting on the floor in my room crying because I wasn't carded at the liquor store (half of the office thinks I'm a sophomore in college). But 25 does feel different. I'm recommitted to getting stuff done.I read The Alchemist for the hundredth time and it means so much more now that I'm older.

My tolerance for bullshit is a lot lower.

I feel like I'm really becoming the adult I always hoped I'd be.

It's a great feeling to be happy with yourself. Flaws and all.

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